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Yea Zuffa sure did a good job of quickly destroying there competition all right, personally I cant see how MMA fans can support a MMA promotion that is set on destroys other MMA promotions in this way, but its true Striekforce is beyond fcuked, I have absolutly no interest in anything Strikeforce has to offer any more, all the vacated belts and the GP can all go who gives a fcuk cos none of it is worth a sh1t anymore.

I dont support Zuffa in what they have done to this promotion, I will still follow the UFC but I wont be a paying customer, I wont hand money over to a company that is this set bound on destroying MMA outside there own selfish promotion, I will watch the UFC for free via internet means, any respected MMA fan should Boycott Zuffa for the damage they have cased to MMA outside the UFC, it is now officially just a UFC circus, MMA is dead even the quality of the UFC will be lowered since fighters will have no breeding ground outside of the UFC before long so soon all you will be watching is TUF Trash vs fighters with no credible experience outside of the UFC, enjoy because this is what Zuffa is planning on giving you, a WWE like circus built on hype not credible record and fight experience.

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