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Originally Posted by Hammerlock2.0 View Post
Holy shit, I'm so freaking happy to be home.

I was driving home from a friend's house after evening of watching trashy movies featuring girls in underwear beating everyone up with katanas. So I go to my usual chill-out place to smoke a cigarette. It's a really nice place. It's at the edge of the city near a football field and it has a big lawn to party on with friends. It's also a place I've taken girls to before because it's quiet and outside and you can see the stars... you get the idea. There's a parking area too.

So I'm there smoking a cigarette while listening to some music from my car speakers and suddenly there's car getting closer. He's parking far away from me. The guy gets out of his car and lights a cigarette. Then there's another car parking right next to the other guy and four people are leaving the car. At this point I'm thinking something's not right and sure enough one of the four guys is handing the other guy something. I'm dropping the cigarette and I'm slowly getting into my car. I see the guy freaking out pointing in my direction and the next thing I know is three guys running towards me. So I start the car and drive the **** away from there. In my rearview mirror I see them running after me but luckily that's the last time I saw them. ****...
Yeah i have a date **** spot too-uhhhaaaaa...... so the weather is nice today, dont you think??

Sounds to me like you moving slowly is what set them off. It was a typical drug deal and you did the wrong thing. If you just minded your own business and stared off into the horizon then i bet they would not have given you a second look. Im assuming (I could be wrong) you dont **** with drugs much do you??? (No, pot does not count)

Usually when im buying some Coke or Roxie 30mg pain pills (Not just for recreational use also for pain use. Wrestling since freshman year in HS, lifting weights, currently boxing,kickboxing,grappling all at American Kickboxing Academy and not to mention i work for FedEx Express (For the most demanding station in California and also widely known for having the best employees and boss, he has awards to prove it) for the last 3 years has given me alot of injuries. Now a simple bad nights sleep can cause me pain to re surface. Currently my upper back is killing me to the point that holding my arm on the steering wheel is bringing up pain flares. I dont even know how i re injured my upper back because it could be a 100 different ways. At-least its a muscle injury and not my spine. I have to do about 8 different stretches while showering so i can help keep my spine healthy.

Basically my point is that i do buy pain pills once every month or so to help me get through the painful couple days. Its not that easy to lift over couple thousand packages a day the proper way when on a very sensitive time schedule. So i have experience in dealing in the type of situations you were in. If i saw someone staring at me, dropping his cigaret, and then after walking slowly to his car, i would definitely feel threatened. But i would never run after that person, i would just get out of there myself. Im not a shitty person like the people chasing you were.

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