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Originally Posted by Hammerlock2.0 View Post
No, I don't **** with drugs much.

By moving slowly I don't mean I moved in slow-motion, I just tried not to set them off which obviously happened. It was the first time I ever witnessed something like this. We don't do much drugs around here and the people I know who do drugs just smoke pot. A drug deal is basically the last thing you expect to see. I live in a town of 2000 people and the last major thing that happened was a break in some years ago. The guy stole a bike, it even made the local newspaper.
Haha man you just gave me this mental picture of this small perfect quiet little town until one day someone bashes their own head against the concrete street in-front of their house. You have the local sheriff investigating and the whole town surrounding the spot. Next thing you know everyone is affected and has become Zombies!! and you are trying to escape. But the government has sealed off your little town because they dont want the virus to spread and they were responsible for the outbreak in the first place. You manage to survive after watching your whole family die and having to kill your own girl friend near the end. But you use the sewer line to get to the edge of the city so you cane scape. You climb out and notice no one is there so you take a sigh of relieve and think you are home free. As you finish taking that Sigh and look into the stars you then notice there is a an glowing atom bomb falling to your town, the government wants to exterminate any trace of evidence. Your whole life flashes in front of you but instead of good memories you can only think about your loved ones you watched die or the ones you killed yourself..... THE END.

sleep well.

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