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Pretty nice fight to be off the main card, thankfully HDnet was there:

Round 1 - The fighters circle, but neither wants to initiate. Santos lands first with a low kick, but Mein answers in kind. Santos lands a couple more low kicks. Mein answers with an inside leg kick and then a leg kick. The whiff power punches and return to low kicks. Santos forces a stumble with a kick, but Mein quickly recovers. They whiff on punches, but Mein sets up a nice combo with a low kick. They trade more low kicks, but both are lightfooted and avoid heavy punches. Santos forces another stumble with a leg kick. Mein quickly recovers, and the kickboxing match continues. Mein rushes in but eats a punch. Santos lands another low kick. Mein checks a head kick but eats a right. Santos lands a nice lunging body shot and then another low kick. It's a close round, but scores it 10-9 for Santos.

Round 2 - Santos just mixed with a high kick but returns to low kicks. He partially connects on a straight right, but Mein wisely circles away from the cage. The fighters trade single punches and circle. Santos lands a nice inside leg kick before trading nice combos. Mein comes alive with punches, but Santos quickly recovers. Mein lands a couple nice counter lefts and follows with a low kick. Santos may be slowing a bit, but Mein appears to have kicked it up a notch. Mein checks a low kick and then fires off a nice combo before ducking out of counter shots. Santos stalks a bit, but Mein stays out of range. Mein works more straight punches. Santos answers but eats a right. The trade more heavy punches. Mein mixes in some body punches. Mein just misses a spin back fist and then checks a head kick. It's a close round, but scores it 10-9 for Mein.

Round 3 - The fighters trade lunging kicks and punches, but little lands. Both are still light on their feet. Mein starts to chip away with punches, but Santos lands a soft head kick. Santos lands some low kicks but eats a four-punch combo from Mein. Mein lands a nice counter forearm and follows with a few more. Santos briefly has to cover up and back away. Mein lands a nice lunging body punch and follows with more elbows as Santos looks dazed against the cage. Mein keeps firing, and Santos falls to the canvas just as the ref stops it. Jordan Mein def. Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos via TKO (strikes) - Round 3, 3:18

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