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Well, that was interesting:

Round 1 - Blanco strikes first, and they tie up. Healy throws quick punches before they break. Blanco gets the takedown, and Blanco swarms and moves to half guard. Healy tied him up from his back. Blanco throws a few elbows, and Healy tries rubber guard. Healy's back up and eats a couple punches but resets. Healy throws a few punches but doesn't have much behind them. Blanco lands a head kick, throws a front kick, and Healy goes to his knees. Blanco follows and eventually ends up on top in full guard. Healy controls the wrists and goes high with guard. He then secures an arm as they go north-south. Blanco on top delivers a dozen or so illegal head kicks as the ref tries to peal him off. A timeout is called. The ref announces a one-point deduction for the illegal blows before the restart. Blanco comes out swinging and kicking but little lands initially. However, his wild punches start to hit the mark. Healy clings to a single leg and lloks for the takedown as Blanco is warned about grabbing the cage. Healy finally gets him to the mat. Blanco is on his knees, and Healy works from top position. Healy delivers some punches to the ears before the round ends. scores it 10-9 for Blanco, though with the point deduction, it's a 9-9 round.

Round 2 - Healy works jabs as Blanco looks for the home-run punch. Healy continues working the jab as Blanco proves elusive with head and foot work. Blanco partially connects on a spinning back fist before darting out of range. Healy tries to clinch and eats punches. Healy scores a quick knockdown with a straight punch, corrals Blanco and slams him to the mat. He takes his back and works a choke though he doesn't have a body lock. Blanco quickly frees himself put eats a punch on the way up. They continue trading shots as Healy looks for knees from the Thai clinch. Healy shoots for a single leg against the cage and gets the takedown. He takes Blanco's back as he gets back to his feet, but Blanco eventually returns to a kneeling position on all fours. Healy stays on top throwing short punches. Blanco tries to get back up, but Healy throws him back down. Blanco gets up against but rolls right into a rear-naked choke. Healy, though, again doesn't have his hooks. However, it's enough, and Blanco surprisingly taps. Pat Healy def. Maximo Blanco via submission (rear-naked choke) - Round 2, 4:24

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