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PS3 Broken - Advice Needed Please

Ok so just as Deus Ex and Dead Island come out my PS3 decides to break...

I was playing Deus Ex the other night and all of a sudden the console decided to switch itself off, and then the red light started flashing.

I tried to switch it back on and all i get is a green light for about a second, a quick flash to a yellow light and then back to the flashing red light.

Strangely enough, my friends has broke on exactly the same day, and he has phoned Sony today who have offered him a replacement for 110 as it is out warranty. That's cool id go with that, but there is a slight problem.

My PS3 was a 40GB system, which i replaced for a 250GB hard drive, and decided to throw the 40GB hard drive away.. Now as the serial number on PS3 will tell Sony, it is only a 40GB system so i presume if i ring them and they offer me a replacement its only going to be a 40GB system. If i take my 250GB hard drive out i will be sending the broken one back with out a hard drive in it. Im not sure what to do..

I could either

a) Just buy a brand new PS3, can get a 160GB slim, brand new for 169.99

b) Buy a 40GB hard drive to put in the broken PS3, and then pay around 110 for a replacement..

c) Ring Sony and tell them its broke, but now has a 250GB hard drive in it and i no longer have the original 40GB drive

d) Pay 110 for a replacement and send it back without a hard drive it in?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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