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I was puzzled a few days ago. I was working on the thai roundhouse and I found that if I rolled my hips further I guess, that I was striking higher on my shin-bone.

The thing that baffled me was when I did this a few times then increased my power to as hard as I could from a dead-hang the bag stood still.

I have read before about some sort of shock and I found the reference again:

( But keep in mind the key is not to swing or move the bag a whole lot you want I to shake in placc and let the force resonate through. When you can do this and itsused on a person it supposed to create a hydrostatic shock wave though out there tissues.)

Would this only bear true when you are talking about a hand-strike or any form of strike?

I know when I strike with the mid-shin I see my bag fly around from the kicks. Is either good/bad?

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