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Originally Posted by G_Land View Post
I've thought this over many times before. I've always held the ole sperm bank as a just in case I need some quick cash. But then I start thinking...not of the random children running around. If those people are so desperate to have a child they would go to a bank then I'm pretty sure they would be taken care of. What bothers me is say I settle down have 2 or 3 kids of my own......Badda Bing my sperm bank son meets my daughter...or vise versa....if the people having my sperm bank child doesnt tell him or her.........
this ^ times like five

Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
I always wanted to do this but never found a place around here. Also i hear there is a hight requierment. My drivers license says 5.9 am i tall enough?

Any of you guys know of any places around San jose??? if you can find any for me i would appreciate it.
I don't know anything about a height requirement. But they might require 5'10" etc, but they ask tons of questions. They test you for stds, and diseases that run in your family etc. I've donated 3 times. Each time was a 6month contract, I could donate 2-3 times a week at 65$ a pop. They don't pay anything up front, after 6months following the passing of another std test the cut you a check for a few grand. I think there are some other way to donate but none that ive used.

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