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Originally Posted by The Lone Wolf View Post
Ha! What a lovely thought I guess this helps with your aim now?

One other misconception to think about. Fat doesnt make you fat. Carbs are the real culprit. Cut down on carbs and eat a high fat (preferably high unsaturated fats) high protein diet.

Power walking should help you lose a ton of fat and its easier on the joints than running.

Make sure you eat breakfast within 1 hour of waking aswell to kickstart your metabolism each day.

Good luck, and keep us updated with your progress, we're here to help if you need us

ps. If you get some scales i'd recommend spending a little extra and getting a set that can measure your body fat too. Some people get discouraged when they dont see their weight dropping, but what is actually happening is they are losing fat and gaining muscle. So while actually becoming healthier and fitter, they assume they have hit some sort of plateau due to the scales telling them they are the same weight, or even a higher weight.

If you cant afford to fork out on this sort of scale, use your common sense and visual recognition of your own body - After a while you will notice even the slightest change in your body composition

Try hitting the gym when you get further along on your diet, as the increased muscle mass will help your body burn more calories.
LOL, yeah!

Yeah, when I said fatty food I meant high carb food. Fatty food as in food for fatties.

Thanks, will keep in mind that you're here my friends.
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