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Originally Posted by Leed View Post
They pay you a couple of grands for a donation?
Yea, but you have to keep in mind its 6 months worth of donating. So 65$ x 2/3 times a week x24 weeks. Then at the very end when you pass the std test they cut you a check. But if the place is on the way home from work etc you stop in look at some porn.. and you beat that meat like it owes you money... cause it does ;D

Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Yeah they have requirements. They would never allow a 5.4 guy to donate sperm. Parents dont want someone that short if they can chose their kids genetics.

- At least 5'9'' tall

- Between 19 and 38 years old

- Sexual partners are exclusively female

- Currently attending a four-year university, or,
already hold a bachelors or advanced degree

- Are in good health

- Legally allowed to work in the US

Well this sucks cause im not currently attending college this year. FML. I wanna get paid to jerk off.
Go online, get a fake bachelors degree, jerk off, ?? , profit!!! lol you could always make about the same amount of money donating plasma. granted donating plasma is very hard on your body and takes a hard toll on your veins. Plasma donating aside, its no big deal if you cant donate sperm its no biggy its only a few grand for six months so its not a lot of money but it would go a nice distance in helping buy a new bike, hot tub etc

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