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Originally Posted by KillerShark1985 View Post
What Rampage and Shogun are you talking about here, the ones that where competing back in pride years ago or the ones that turn up ring rusty and over hyped today?
Even Rampage mailing it in goes in with better cardio than Mo. I have been accused of being extremely biased against Rampage and I expect Jones to smash him through the mat but lets be realistic.
I swear I really hope that Rampage sticks around for one more fight after he gets his ass handed to him by Jones and I hope that fight is Mo's first UFC fight, because if you think Mo vs Rampage would be a close fight or an easy win for Rampage you are so very very wrong, King Mo would walk through Rampage no matter if the fight was standing or went to the ground Rampage has nothing on Mo, just like he has nothing on Jones both would smash him just as easy as the other.
Rampage has everything short of offensive wrestling on Mo. His defensive grappling looks better, his TD defense is good (Mo hasn't really been tested in that department) and Rampage has solid boxing with power second to none at LHW. Mo has fairly close to the same level of boxing with substantially less power. Then you have cardio, and Rampage has never been a marathon fighter but he has never ever sucked air like Mo did against Mousasi, a fight that he really wasn't pushed in either.
in fact from all the 3 listed fights I would say the easiest to pick the winner from would be Mo vs Rampage, easy win for King Mo. the others would be more competitive for both fighters and harder to call a winner from,
I think that is a little absurd personally.
Shogun on form I would make fav to beat Feijao, Shogun at 80 to 90 percent may deal with most mugs in the UFC but not Feijao he would need to me 95 to 100 to take that one,
I think short of the Shogun who fough Coleman showing up that its Rua's fight to lose. Fejao is not in Shoguns league.
Mousasi vs Machida I would wave the 50/50 flag on that one, is a great fight I would lvoe to see but would not like to pick a winner, but if Mousasi was to win it would not be a shock result to me at all.
The only reason I think Mousasi is in this fight is that there strengths match each others strengths. While Machida's got a much better all around game and his TD defense is superb while Mousasi's is abysmal none of that really would factor into this match up. Strengths vs strengths I think Mousasi might steal the win despite not being a better fighter. For example I am sure Tito would beat Mousasi any given day.

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