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Mon 9/12 - BJJ was tornado roll/sweep and a couple of reversals from spider guard. My Drysdale affiliate teacher kept canceling classes, and I can't afford to belong to two gyms, so my instructor for the past 2 months or so is a blue belt under Chuck Anzalone of Buffalo BJJ (Carlson Gracie (till he died in 2006)>Ricardo de la Riva>Chuck Anzalone (black belt 2008)>Josh Roth>me. De la Riva is actually coming there Thursday. It's times like this I wish I was the breadwinner and could take off and do this sort of thing, seminars, competition etc. anytime I want. I did something to my neck drilling tornado roll, but what a fun ass technique. I'd love to be able to seamlessly transition from tornado roll/omoplata, or tornado roll/triangle.
Tue: My older daughter wants to come to the gym with me tonight, for the first time in months. I'm so excited. She has my long stride, and an iron will and determination that I can only take partial credit for. EDIT: She didn't go b/c she had lots of homework. I went to the evening kickboxing class, which ended up being mostly bag drills, which I love.
Wed: rested
Thur: No run this AM, and it's making me crazy. I am practicing with my uke before and after judo tonight, which translates to about 3+ hours of judo, so I have to save my legs. Still pretty nervous about testing, but going over the written test and thinking of what I wanted to work on calmed me down a little.
Fri: rested b/c I was paranoid about not being sore for belt test on Sat.
Sat: The test went fine, as far as I can tell. My instructor had to correct my uke twice b/c he was stopping me demonstrating yoko guruma properly. Also, I didn't have the escapes from yokoshihogatame and kamishihogatame, but it was easy enough I also had to demonstrate ippon seioi nage from hidarishizentai and I had to kind of muddle through it because I'd never been taught that. Hopefully I'll find out in the next couple of weeks if I passed or not. Then I did class right afterward, so it was 3 hours of judo again.
Sun: rested, very sore

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