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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
This is some goddamn bullshit. I go over there and tug it and i get a measley 65$.. but you go over there and get 35$ more for the same strokes. You get paid upfront... you get a bonus for not getting an std.. this is some bullshit ima take my dick and bottle of lotion and go on strike!





also **** tomato juice!!

Why dont you roll over to my future sperm bank and we help each other out??

We can maybe work something out??

If your down im down... We can maybe mix our semen and create the ultimate mma fan baby!! It will be posting on MMA forum at age 2!! and it will be throwing out insults i can only hope to come up with. I would be such a proud semen donator.

(Would it not be something if that is how semen actually worked??, sadly i think if we mixed our babies only my babies would make it. No way your seed ever outraces mine!!! ) im competitive even when it comes to my semen!! haha

Your semen would be ahead near the end and then my semen because its smarter would be like *Omg im dying, help!!!* and your semen would look back and forward and back and forward and then he would *Sigh* and turn around to help my semen make it. When your semen gets close though my semen would smerk (Like in my avy) and punch your semen right in the stomach. Then my semen would call your semen a sucker and your semen would respond with "You cheaterrrrrrr!" and my semen would say "If you aint cheating you playing win old friend!" and then make its way to the end. Then eventually the thing in my avy would be born and what a great day for mankind that would be.

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