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Alizio... man, I miss that guy. Everything that guy said was with tongue firmly in cheek, but I don't think many people got that and thought he was plain horrible. We shared many a sneaky rep/pm, chuckling at some of the over-reactions. But god damn, he knew his MMA.

oldfan getting banned made me very sad. But seeing as he came back just a few days later, ive taken back my undeserved sadness and replaced it with amusement.

I always got on well with CC. Aint got shit but nice things to say about him. When I first joined he was really supportive. Good man.

As for Cooper? I always knew he was an ubertroll, well before it became obvious to everybody else. And I'll admit, it was a bit of a mission of mine to expose him. In the end, he made it easy with his demented political views.
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