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Originally Posted by mo171083
hi bro,
thanks for that! I actually timed myself this morning and it was 23 minutes, aso thats 2.6 miles(exactly) in 23 mins. Doest that sound any better. The thing is you read a thousand different acticles that say a shitload of different things. I mean some say that you should only use running as a form of burining a few extra calories, which i do not particularly agree, as i think there are definate physiological/psychological benifits.
So you think that you should always be trying to beat your time? I mean, i do that sometimes but, somedays you dont feel like it (i hate running).

What about 185lbs/5 11" for a middleweight? does that sound right? I mean i have visible abs n i am in good shape, but everyone keeps telling me that im too small to fight in that class! Ive also heared that someone whos my weight shouldnt run too much as it is bad for your joints!!!
I think you should always be shooting for a better time. The psychological benefit of running occurs only when you push yourself. Myself, I hate running with a passion (being the li'l asthmatic kid during my childhood doesn't bring with it fond memories of running) but the best I've felt after running was when I was down to the last 1/4 mile and I tried to run as hard as freakin' possible just to get it over with. Sure, I always felt like collapsing somewhere before the finish (and I usually did once I finished) but I was always happy with myself when I did.

Okay, about the weight: If you run around at about 185lbs naturally, then you may be a bit small for the middleweight division. A lot of guys who fight competitively for that division, walk around at 200 to 210lbs naturally. Rich Franklin first entered the UFC as a Light-Heavyweight, then shed an additional 20lbs to get into the Middleweight division. I believe he walks around at 210 to 215lbs when he's not cutting weight for a fight, and that is at 6'1". So in that respect, I can see where the size concern comes from.

Realistically, you should be able to get down to Welterweight at 170lbs, but I wouldn't attempt to do so without some sort of supervision. Worst thing in the world would be trying to go into a fight completely dehydrated only to get KO'd, or injured because your body wasn't able to keep itself from cramping up, or from finding yourself hallucinating from lack of water. While the pros are able to get themselves into phenomenal conditions, you have to remember that they do not do it by themselves.

I hope that helps.

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