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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
The system cycle is something I've thought about. I'd definitley get PC/Laptop if I had an extra few hundred quid. Its on the cards for sure. And will happen within a month or so. I may start a thread at the time for recomendations and such. If its not obvious, I don't have a clue about technology. Up until 5 years ago I was clued the feck up. Not so anymore.

In the mean time I'll be needing a games console. Thing is they're stupidly cheap 2nd hand. Can pick up a 2nd hand PS3/360 for less than 100 pound. Especially 360. I understand that 360 seems to have less and less creditable titles that are exclusive to their brand. Assasins Creed was the last good one. Love that game. I prefer the PS3 controller for sure. I really don't know now.
I have owned both consoles so my opinion will hopefully be unbaiased. I currently own the new slim 250 GB Xbox 360 console.

If you preper offline gaming, I would say the PS3. It has a BluRay player and the dashboard on the PS3 is nice and it's a good overall entertainment system.

If you prefer online gaming I would take the 360 any day. You do have to pay for the service but I personally feel the online experience is much better on xbox. Especially people who have friends to play with, there's less lag, less loading and more of a seamless approach to gaming.

One reason I REFUSE to switch back to PS3 is the party chats. Like I said if you play online and are buying it for that experience then xbox is your colsole of choice. Let's say I'm playing Dead Island and your playing Cod and Kry is playing Barbie and Killstarz is playing FIFA. we can still all party chat and talk to eachother.

That's a huge must for me and I often found myself bored on PS3 because the only time I could talk to my friends is when were IN te same lobby of a game.

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