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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Thanks for your replies dudes. I'm not a hardcore gamer either Toxic. I usually have 6 or 7 games I play alot. Rotating them. My problem with PS3 is loading times. There seems to be alot of loading before you get to play your new game. Also, that wand thing. The 360 has obviously better contollerless technology. Surely the internet is better on 360 too? What with it being Microsoft and all.

As far as those exclusives go Kry, MGS4 has got me a little turned on. Easily my favourite game of the PS2. The new Resistance game looks pretty ridiculous aswell. Killzone is awesome. I dont know too much about the Uncharted series. Ill have a look. As far as FF go, I've never been a fan. Not enough action and too many cut scenes. Think FF8 is the last one I played. I also understand Blu-Ray is the way forward. Hmmm. I was dead set on 360 but now I'm not so sure.
Don't let MGS4 swing your vote in that case, the game is nearly half cut scene. Stunning, amazing, story driven and exciting, but if you don't like watching long cut scenes often I wouldn't bother.

Originally Posted by Intermission View Post
I have owned both consoles so my opinion will hopefully be unbaiased. I currently own the new slim 250 GB Xbox 360 console.

If you preper offline gaming, I would say the PS3. It has a BluRay player and the dashboard on the PS3 is nice and it's a good overall entertainment system.

If you prefer online gaming I would take the 360 any day. You do have to pay for the service but I personally feel the online experience is much better on xbox. Especially people who have friends to play with, there's less lag, less loading and more of a seamless approach to gaming.

One reason I REFUSE to switch back to PS3 is the party chats. Like I said if you play online and are buying it for that experience then xbox is your colsole of choice. Let's say I'm playing Dead Island and your playing Cod and Kry is playing Barbie and Killstarz is playing FIFA. we can still all party chat and talk to eachother.

That's a huge must for me and I often found myself bored on PS3 because the only time I could talk to my friends is when were IN te same lobby of a game.
I never knew Xbox could have cross game party chat. That is amazing and something Sony NEED to do asap about that. PS3 you have to rely on the games chat system really, I never use the PS3s chat system due to it being lobby only (PS3 lobby, not game lobby)

Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
It is all about the games you like. Games like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and stuff are for both consoles. Final Fantasy has been on the xbox. The real thing xbox has is Halo and Gears of War which are outstanding games.

Playstation has a lot of good games as well so it really comes down to which you like more.

I have heard playstation's online is free whereas xbox live is not. I personally have an xbox but that is because I liked the games better. The 2 series I really played for the PS were Resident Evil and Final Fantasy, both of which have made an appearance on the xbox now.
Only XIII though, and XIII-2. Versus won't be on the 360. The X remake is probably going to be PS3 only as well, as it was a PS exclusive 10 years ago.

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