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I just hope its a good fight. Anytime tha tito fights I root against him. As someone said earlier. Rather you like him or hate him; Shamrock puts butts in seats. The same can be said for Tito. I know I watch him fight to see if anyone else can embarass and spank his ass like Randy did. Anyway. I just dont see where tito benefits from thsi fight and if he loses then white has to scramble to find another big fight in the beginning of the year. Because rather its chuck or wandy or my grandmother. Tito will get the first title shot of the new year. I just hope he gets his ass handed to him. The little *****. does anyone else remember when he said that he did not want to fight Chuck because they were friends? (his voice kept cracking like a prepubescent about to cry)then chuck said we are not friends i am going to whoop his ass and then tito was like i dont care what he says we were friends(more cracking voice). A word of advice to those of you who are too dumb to know. If a guy says he aint your friend,he is probably not your friend. Kick his ass!!!!
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