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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Yes, I read your post you don't have to post a thousand pictures to get your point across, it's Situations vodka, there's also a Headrush logo behind them, Situation's been wearing Headrush during this season of Jersey Shore, no other season, it's likely due to an agreement of sorts.
You made it seem like you didnt get it. What i got from your post was that the thread i made was because Carwin was wearing Head Rush. I explained to you the real reason. Dont be so sensitive because i posted some pictures. I wasnt rude to you in any way it just seemed to me like you didnt understand. 3 pictures isnt that much...

I dont get what you are trying to get across with Mike wearing head rush for no other reason but w/e i really dont care. If its just something random that you are trying to get out then.. cool i guess. Not sure what you want me to say.

Is head rush Shane Carwins clothing line??
So you are trying to say that Mike is advertising Headrush and Carwin is advertising Devotion Vodka?

I could be completely off basis but thats what i came to the conclusion you were trying to express.

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