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32 years old and starting MMA, need some advice

12 years ago i made a fight team and did some cage fighting but i quit for personal reasons, which i highly regret now.

I've have a military background, i used to body build and used to be a firefighter so i'm no stranger to pain.

However, my life has taken a major dump, i cant find a job so i have no car and no money.

I went to this really high class MMA gym and explained that i wanted to fight to make money and if they could waive my monthly dues.

They told me to attend a couple classes before the gave me the final descision. I also explained that the last 3 years all i have done is sit around smoke cigerattes and play xbox so my endurance is zero atm.

I went to the classes, but what they wanted to see be do before they aggreed to wavie the fees was see me spar. Thus, i knew i was going to get the shit kciked out of me so they see if i could take punches and not quit. I performed like crap in terms actually fighting back but i did take some punishment and fight back.

Thus, they said come back monday. Now, as i said before, i've been a chain smoking couch potato for teh last 3 years so i new what was going to happen. So my plan was to simply not quit. It was a 2 hour class, which 1 whole hour was just for sparring. 10 mins before sparring would have been over i was puking my brains out.

So as of now i can train for free in hopes of getting some fights to make some money. However, as i said before, i have a large back ground in physical activities so i know and was used to beign sore after any type of training. However, this saturday and right now i cant recall ever being so sore in my life. Every muscle in my body hurts like hell. The only things that doesnt hurt is my toe nails and hair.

When i talked to the man in charge i told him my current status so it wouldnt be any suprises when i sucked ass at sparring. However, i didnt expect to be as winded as i was or be this sore. I mean im so dam sore that it was like me body is in shock and i can barley stand up or move my arms lol even in the pool.

Now heres my problem, because hes waiving the fees for now he wants me at the gym 5 days a week 2 hours per day and soon twice a day 2 hours each time. I'm lucky right now that i only had to train 2 days and get two days off. However, the long 5 day strecth is coming quikly and i feel like i survived a plane crash.

I know that if i miss any days nexted week my credibility will be shot and the oppurtunity will be lost and ill never get to train again until i can afford it which wont be for a very very long time. Thus, its do or die for me right now or else i'd be

I know the mind set i'm need to have and that is just dont stop and it will get better. But i have just quit smoking 2 days ago and i'm 260 pounds with some muscel. So i'm just a moving punching bag in the gym right now lol.

I just need to hear it from some other MAA fighters to "man the f&ck UP bicth" If you can do that i'd be gratful lol.
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