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Originally Posted by Soakked View Post
That fight wasn't one sided though it was too short to tell, I gave Ortiz round 2 and thought he was winning rd 4 until the headbutt of frustration. May won rounds 1 and 3, and was certainly more accurate of the two.
Dunno what fight you were watching but Mayweather certainly wasn't losing rd 4, outlanded Ortiz 27-9 and power punches were 24-9 Mayweather, the fight was all Mayweather IMO and Ortiz started showing signs of desperation with the headbutt's.

Originally Posted by The Lone Wolf View Post
But yeah, stupid end to the fight, feel a li'l sorry for Ortiz. Mayweather wont ever step up to Pacquiao
I really don't understand how anyone can feel sorry for Ortiz, there was 2 incidents where he deliberately used his head....if you're gonna play the dirty game dont try playing the "im sorry" bullsh*t when ya really not.
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