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Originally Posted by Soakked View Post
Larry Merchant has always been a retard, can't stand his senile ass. But Mayweather is a punk for stepping to him like that. He is right though Larry talks mad shit during in interview and gets away with it all the time.

Mayweather is one slick dude, that was such a sucker punch but Ortiz is dumb for letting his guard down.
Larry talks mad shit? I have to say props to him for asking the tough questions that every single paying fan was asking themselves.

Mayweather ducked his question twice by first thanking god, and then thanking the fans for coming out and buying PPV. I puke in my mouth every time an athlete thanks god for their victory. I'm glad Merchant called him "...a promoter, but we're now talking to you as a prize fighter."

That being said, I can't stand Merchant taking 45 seconds to ask a simple question.

Boxing is old... Don King, Larry Merchant, the blind, senile referee in that fight. Boxing needs to get younger if they want to retain what few fans they still have.
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