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Originally Posted by trinitarian View Post
I just didnt expect my cardio to be so bad that it felt like i had asmaha lol or that my muscles felt like i;ve been in a car crash.
Six weeks of doing nothing because of an injury is enough to almost evaporate your muscles. The mean thing is, your brain will still tell you to do 20 pull-ups for your warm up, but your body already struggles doing more than 10. That can be really frustrating when restarting with the training.

Originally Posted by trinitarian View Post
But to the one question as to why i didnt try in get in some shape beofre i went there well it was becasue i only train when im motivated. I wouldnt want to train on my own then go to the club and hope that they will sponser me. I need someone chewing my ass out and yelling at me to "unf@ck myself" and to "drink a lot of water cause it going to be hot in hell" lol. So i just need to suck it up. I've been thinking about that movie spartacus where they fought to the death with weapons and the like. Anyway ill keep yall updated :P
It would be better to be motivated on your own just by the hunger for the training for training's sake, because you won't always have someone to yell at you. Intrinsic motivation is usually better than extrinsic motivation.
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