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Originally Posted by Sambo de Amigo View Post
I disagree , i think boxing is equal with all other disciplines , wrestling is however rewarded to highly.
This is because in 95% of instances, the wrestler has scored a takedown, and then scores additional points by controlling his opponent or thru GnP. Very few judges give fighters any points from their back unless they are threatening with multiple submission attempts and/or throwing some damaging 'bows from the bottom. Fighters need to be extremely active from the bottom to score points.

I don't think boxing is underrated -- it's just that boxing is still developing in MMA and we haven't seen very many world class boxers that can't be picked apart in some other area of the game. Once we see a world class boxer who can hold his own in all other areas of the game, we will then see how effective boxing is with 4oz gloves.

The stance alone plays a big role, and a pure boxer with a traditional stance is going to get taken down, or his lead hacked to death with kicks. Switch to a more square stance and the traditional boxer loses power in his hands -- it's simply a tough set of circumstances to overcome.

* and some have already mentioned, many fighters have boxing coaches. GSP showed us how effective the jab can be -- Kos eye was a train-wreck, and the weren't overly powerful jabs. Just well timed and well placed. I don't think we've seen the jab used that effectively before, and plenty of other fighters have heavy hands that can end the fight with one punch. If somebody like Bisping had half the wrestling skill as GSP, Kos or Lesnar, we would be in for a real treat.

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