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Originally Posted by rommyaali View Post
I was wondering that if i do my max amounts of pushups and crunches everyday and take some whey mix after , will it make me bigger and stronger?
and if not then what is the way I can make myself bigger and stronger without going to the gym (because its 30mins away)

Rommy Ali
Unless you're relatively untrained or max out around 8-15 reps, doing push ups and crunches won't make you bigger and stronger but it certainly will increase your muscle endurance.

However, there are plenty of push ups out there that are quite difficult to execute and for most people would fall into a good rep scheme for being able to build some muscle. I'd also throw in weighted pull ups since they're great for back strength! Just don't expect to gain large amounts of size doing only bodyweight exercises.

Squats, deadlifts, weighted pull ups, and a good diet is really all you need to gain size and strength. any other exercise other than certain circuit training types of work outs are unnecessary if you're training for mma. Obviously if you're working to become a powerlifter you have to throw in bench press as well. If you're training to become a bodybuilder then you throw in a bunch of isolation exercises.

If your goal is overall conditioning and strength, I'd definitely recommend kettlebells! Gives you a lot of practical strength!
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