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It would be better to be motivated on your own just by the hunger for the training for training's sake, because you won't always have someone to yell at you. Intrinsic motivation is usually better than extrinsic motivation.[/QUOTE]

i totally aggree with you but i have to admit that is an epic weakness in my personality. For me to train hard i NEED someone chewing my ass out. However, the good thing is when i do have that i respond well to it, maybe more than most people who may be offended by it, i seem to thrive on it. I always chuckled when my mean ass drill sergeants would flip out on me but then i get doin what needs to be done.

However, like you said, if i have that inner drive i'd have an easier time training. Maybe i just need to get my ass kicked a couple times to make me wake up.

Anyhow, i'm just wondering, for those of you that has fought a bit and lost a few fights: What is it like to lose in a real MMA fight? Do you get used to it? is it real bad on your pride? ect.

I've only fought a couple times 12 years ago but never lost in an actual match. I know that since my goal here is to keep going for several years that i'm going to lose at one time or another. I have gotten my ass beat down in training which never bothered me cause the fighter were veterans and known bad asses so it was expected. However, losing in the context of match will different and i just want some pointers on handling it. I'm jumping head first in this like i did when i started 12 years ago even though i know a lot has changed since then. But my idea is that its better to jump into a cold pool rather than walk in slowly. Thus, since i know fighters are way more bad ass then then they were 12 years ago in the amanture field i'l be getting my ass wooped and get used to it before i start winning consistently. After i start winning consistently in amantures i;ll make a move towards some pro fights, buts thats going to be a year or two away from now. But for know, i just want to know what its like to lose and how to handle it. When i was in high school football i was so competitve that if we lost a football game i'd cry lol. I know i wouldnt cry if i lost a fight now but i just need some safe guards in place so when it does happen i'm already brained washed to accept it. I mean i know that every fighter loses sometime in their carrer, sometimes to someone unexpected, but i never had a chance or the guts to ask someone how they handle it. I'm really a competitive person so i dont want that to be my downfall.

Well thanks for responding guys this is good stuff.
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