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Originally Posted by JuggNuttz View Post
hehe i bet if you ever punched her for any reason, things would either go all blurry and your waking up, or will have a broken arm!

but yeah.... second vid isnt very flattering.... i think she just got done with an intensive workout and was jacked up from it.... either way id let her take me down and sit on my head anytime. even after a long workout.
Haha funny you say that. I remember a lttle over 3 years go when i joined American Kickboxing Academy(AKA) and was a newb to the kickboxing scene i was forced to spar with everyone for 1min and then change opponents. Eventually i had to spar a women which i felt extremely uncomfortable doing. Well my hesitation pissed her off and she ended up kicking me in the ribs so hard that i stopped breathing. Ofcourse i didnt want to show it so i just had the biggest creep smile going on. Next thing you know my coach yells out "Alright lets change opponents before she kills you" haha.

Well each his own bro. Workout or not.. i would not let her touch me in any manner unless i was extremely tanked. And i mean extremely....
She just really grosses me out for whatever reason. Il stick to my sweetheart Gina Carano.

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