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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
Cartoon movies are mainly trash and for cheap bucks to be made like the new Smurfs and Alvin and the R-tard chipmunks but I agree there are some good ones that pop out.
yeah i really hate what modern technology has done to movies. Movies like you just mentioned basically just make me sick. I loved watching the smurfs growing up. When i saw the poster in my theater hallway it kind of brought a smile to my face. Then i saw the trailer and i wanted to punch the screen. Why create a real life movie about the smurfs being in the city?? Who in their right mind is going to like a movie like that?? is it possible to even get attached to something like that?? There is no possible way that the kids off today are going to get a warm feeling when reminiscing of the smurfs movie, like we do about our cartoons.

I wonder how you feel about this.

Dont you think if they made a new CARTOON movie about the smurfs that it would have the potential to be alot better?? Think of movies like the Lion King (Which i saw in my theaters today and it was the first time i actually wanted to watch 3d.) or cartoon movies like Fievel?? remember the mouse?? Didnt watching that when you were younger just make you fall in love with it? I could go on and name a thousands. I dont see the point of creating these REAL LIFE cartoon based movies. They are never good and add ABSOLUTELY nothing to the possibilities. Its not even that the idea has potential but people have just been failing, the idea just literally is a bad idea, there is not point to it.
Iv seen good cartoon movies come out in theaters to this day so the passion is still there. Anyone else watch the new princess and the frog?? that was still a great cartoon movie. They could easily create a new smurfs cartoon and make it something kids will talk about 10,20,30 years from now. I hate hollywood so much for trading up on passion in order to get some lame ******* gimmicks. These movies like the new smurfs or the chipmunks or garfield or that underdog movie are extremely cheap to make because the actors they do have are most of the time some C list actors, and then the special effects are never on a huge scale so they never cost alot. It just brings in the little kids that dont care what they watch and the parents that have sentimental value with the movie so they bring their children. It is a incredibly easy buck for holywood to make and as long as they can make that buck, this will go on for the next trillion years. Dont even get me started on this 3d gimmick that blew up in 2010 i think. Every damn movie out right now is in freaking 3D. Most of them are not even shot in proper 3D but as long as they can charge an extra 3 bucks a ticket, why would they care.

It really lights my fuse thinking about what good cartoon movie history we are missing out on because Hollywood and their writers are scared to challenge the cartoons of the past. (Wow... if ANYONE reads that whole rant... i shall send you some Vbookie points.Snuck it in) Do they even realize how much money a historic cartoon movie brings in?? They can create something timeless and it will bring in revenue for decades to come.
Our children are being screwed in the ******* ass.!! I am glad they have RE-RE-released Lion King so at-least the children today will get to watch it and fall in love with it.

Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
True but I don't think many of the films made recently will be remembered positively in even just a few years, also I think anything thats been made it to a movie automatically loses it's lustre for not being an original idea just banking in on the idea of the creator of said thing, also did you know they are making for next year I think a reboot of the spiderman series that debuted in 2001 on the big screen? that's appalling it's been barely 10 years and it really didn't need to be made.
The new spiderman series might be sick. The old one sucked so im hoping this one does it right. I see absolutely nothing wrong with them taking a pro active stand on fixing a problem, that is the current Spider man series.

Originally Posted by KryOnicle View Post
You cannot even compare films like Up, Wall-E, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, 9, etc to Smurfs and Alvin. Which is why I said lumping them all into one genre is silly.

We have a TV and Movies forum also btw
There were some amazing computer cartoon type movies that came out in recent times.
One of my favorites EVER was Coraline. I truly enjoyed that movie. Could have been the painkillers though

You already mentioned a few of my favorites. But we also had

Fantastic Mr.Fox (Amazing)
Despicable Me
Horton Hears a Who (One of my favorites tho not as new)
Alice in Wonderland (First half of the movie, the second sucked.)

I am probably forgetting alot.

But i do want to say that 9 (You mentioned) was extremely EPIC. Even the trailer to that movie was one of the best iv seen in a long time.

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