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Originally Posted by swmnbjjATT View Post
Hey dude, about the grappling dummy. I actually have one from Ringside. ITs 120lbs so its heavy. They have several diffrent heights and weights
The thing about grappling dummies is you think you can do technique but in reality its not what you think. I use mine more for conditioning rather than techique. Moving a 120lb dummy and lifting it and doing striking and wrestling with it is way more useful then haveing it lay on you and trying to do armbars that are unrealistic. Don't get me wrong you can do some technique but not alot. Triangles are ackward, sweeps are too. If it doesnt bend at the knee then its kinda like grappling someone who does everything you don't want them to. There is a bubba dummy out there but they are expensive and i don't have any comments on them. But for the Price for one I think $400+ to me thats not worth it. Get a thai bag or a dummy and work wreslting and striking. Leave the technique for the gym or invest in some good instuctionals or grappling dvds
hope this helps
PS-if you don't want to spend the money on a dummy go to the junk yard and get an old tractor tire for conditioning. i have this to and it kicks my ass all over the place.
When you purchased it, does it come with instructional videos? Maybe it's just to heavy to execute proper technique. A friend of mine has one but i'm not sure what's it called. It comes with a video instruction to get the most out of it. I think it was called submission master dummy. something like that.
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