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Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
That got me wondering as well, the way i see it Page's biggest opportunity comes inside the pocket, which Jones is pretty good at keeping people away from.

Has Jones shot a double'leg on anybody else than Bader during his career?
He actually seems to prefer the Grecco type throw rather than the traditional double/single leg. This is one of the reasons the clinch game will be interesting, especially since they both like it in different spots. Rampage (like Couture) likes the clinch up against the cage where he can work short uppercuts and punches along with knees to the upper thighs/lower midsection area. JBJ likes to clinch more towards the middle where he has space to setup a throw into half/side guard. Rampage is strong, but is JBJ stronger? And what about technique? Much like Karo Parisyan's judo throws, JBJ's Grecco tosses are hard to defend against because they don't focus solely on strength but a combination of strength, speed, and technique.

Wow, that was longer than I meant. Anyways, I think where the clinch takes place is just as important as who initiates the clinch in this fight.

With all that said, I believe JBJ will toss around Rampage and punish him on the ground should it go there.
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