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Originally Posted by HexRei View Post
FWIW, I think Ronda's hot. But attractiveness is subjective and not really worth arguing unless you are truly THAT BORED.
Yeah i know you do BUT that "serious business" post was not a post that said anything of the sorts. He just misstook it i think.

Or... his GF really is a guy or looks like a guy. Which would make him finding RR hot not that unusual to me.

Originally Posted by Intermission View Post
This thread is about 12 pages too long, seriously guys get over it. Its called an opinion and last time I checked everyone is entitled to it.
Thank you.

I said the exact same thing multiple times. For some reason he cant live his life until i agree with him. And he thinks the more people find her hot that im supposed to find her hot all of the sudden. Sht dont make sense to me tbqh.

Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
this is a long fooking thread for something boring and not important
Agreed bro. I dont mind arguing but this clearly isnt going anywhere since iv admitted multiple times that to ME she is ugly, i dont care what everyone else thinks, it wont change my opinion.

Yet for some reason that isnt enough for the guy.

This will become the never ending thread with the same exact message going back and forth. Lmao

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