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Originally Posted by limba View Post
Cage FIGHT?! ...........

People being missinformed leads to ignorance.

Instead of making ridiculous claims...even accusations, the journalists covering this subject should have done his homework prior to doing this story.

Someone needs to show that ignorant "journalist" this stuff:

See what he will say then...


Sometimes i think the Cage has been a burden for the UFC. I hear alot of people saying that the UFC is putting 2 men in a cage and letting them go at it like dogs. Then at the same time they will try and say that the boxing ring has class that the ufc cage doesnt have. They obviously dont care to use logic to realize that there is a reason they use a cage and that a cage isnt any more brutal then the ring would be.

I guarantee if the UFC promoted the sport as "Mixed Martial Arts" and used a ring it would be aloooot more acceptable to people. Instead for the UFC to gain recognition they had to use slogans/words that made the UFC seem more brutal then it was.
Anyone remember the commercial "Whats real. Wrestling?? not a chance, Boxing?? not any more!!, THIS IS REAL!!" and then it proceeded to show a whole bunch of knock outs.

Even though that type of advertisement was necessary it also burned an ILLOGICAL imprint in the older peoples minds so for some reason they think a Cage is more brutal and degrading then a ring is AND that the UFC is extremely dangerous, way more dangerous then boxing. Both thoughts are completely illogical BUT thats the way it is.

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