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Brian Melancon vs. Felipe Portela - Round 1 - Melancon is the shorter man and opens up with strikes early and now Portela is trying to find range with leg kicks but eats one in return. Portela really letting the leg kicks go with some power now and Melancon keeps trying to wade in with wide, wild punches. Melancon finally shoots for a single leg with roughly two minutes left in the round and Portela defends. Melancon gets his hips lower and gets a slam takedown. Portela is able to quickly get back to his feet. Portela lands a nice straight right hand counter punch that wobbles the legs of Melancon. Great combination of punches punctuated with a leg kick by Portela. Portela shoots for the takedown, can't get it and gets thrown to his back by Melancon. The round ends after a few short Melancon elbows. 10-9 Melancon.

Round 2 - Both men go back to throwing power shots early. Accidental knee to the groin by Portela and Melancon is given a few moments to recover. Both men trade again but this time Melancon gets the better of the exchange. The next exchange sees Portela land two nice shots of his own. This is a close round, Melancon is throwing more punches and is being more "aggressive" but it may be Portela actually landing the harder shots. Melancon with his best leg kick of the fight. Portela with a shot and he finishes the double leg takedown attempt. After a weird moment with Portela landing a knee to the body of Melancon and the referee checking if it was illegal, they're restarted. Melancon knocks him down with a punch and the round ends, that should be enough to give Melancon the round 10-9.

Round 3 - Melancon coming out aggressive throwing nice punches. Headkick by Portela and he lands it hard. Portela follows up with a flurry of punches but Melancon stays up before shooting and getting a takedown against the cage. Portela manages to escape to his feet with 1:30 left in the fight. Flurry of hard punches by Portela lands but Melancon takes them all well. Melancon with another takedown and he looks like he just wants to ride it out. Portela gets up, shoots for a takedown of his own and can't get it. 10-9 Porela on my card but still a 29-28 fight for Melancon.

Official Scorecards: 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27 all for Brian Melancon.

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