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Round 1: Crazy start. Hansen and Kawajiri go toe-to-toe right away, and Hansen catches Kawajiri. Kawa falls the side, and Hansen gets all excited and jumps on top of Kawajiri. As the commentary team states, bad move. Kawajiri recovers, overpowers Hansen, and gets to top control. Hansen maintains closed guard after Kawajiri nearly passed. Hansen producing a little offense off his back, and he scrambles to his feet. Moments later, Kawajiri powers through his defenses and trips him to the floor. Kawajiri now laying in Hansen's butterfly guard. Kawajiri attempts to pass, and Hansen rolls over onto Kawajiri's back. Kawajiri defends, and Hansen does it again as Kawajiri attempts to pass. Hansen stands up, latching onto Kawajiri's back while throwing knees into Kawajiri's knees. Kawajiri powers out of the hold suddenly, right into side control and to a kimura hold... all in one motion. Wow. Hansen defends, and Kawajiri can't yank it. Hansen suddenly explodes and reverses the position. Then, Hansen gets mount! Round ends. gives a slight edge to Tatsuya Kawajiri.

Round 2: Kawajiri attempts to land on Hansen to open the round, chucking combinations while Hansen defends. Hansen shoots, and Kawajiri defends beautifully. He lands in Hansen's butterfly guard. Classic Kawajiri stuff now as he's "crushing" Hansen from the top. Nothing significant, but he's remaining active with short blows. Kawajiri attempts to transition to side control, and Hansen tries to slip out the back and reverse. Kawajiri wises up to the situation and drives his weight down. Hansen now attempting to throw his legs up for a triangle choke attempt, missing. More pounding from the top by Kawajiri, now attempting to pass to side control with his arm in prime arm triangle position. Hansen defends. Bell rings. Kawajiri dominates the round. had fight in Tatsuya Kawajiri's favor.

Round 3: Toe-to-toe to start, both men blocking attacks. Kawajiri throws a hook-uppercut combination, then ties up Hansen's waist. Surprisingly, Hansen escapes. They separate, and the follow-up exchange sees Hansen tag Kawajiri. Kawajiri falls, but regains his feet as Hansen moves forward. As expected, Kawajiri latches on and takes down Hansen in the scramble. Now in half guard. Kawajiri attempting to lock down an arm triangle. He has it, and Kawajiri bucks out of half guard to side control. Hansen taps. Tatsuya Kawajiri def. Joachim Hansen via submission (arm triangle), Round 3.

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