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Round 1: Marques lands a jab immediately, then blasts Saadulaev with an overhand. Saadulaev buckles, and Marques attempts to latch on a submission. Saadulaev defends from the top as Marques has a reverse triangle with his arm stuck in a kimura. Saadulaev slides out and escapes. Nice job by the Russian. Marques moves forward, goes for the takedown, and Saadulaev defends and drops on top of Marques. Marques immediately transitions to the leg as Saadulaev defends. Marques really tying up Saadulaev from the bottom, but Saadulaev is defending admirably. Marques finds his way back to his feet and latches onto the back. Saadulaev flips forward to escape, and Marques drops his weight to take top control. Crazy action on the ground early. Two minutes remaining in the round now, Marques working punches to the midsection from the top. A minute passes, Marques continues his assault, Saadulaev doing a nice job of avoiding any real damage. scores the round 10-9 Marques.

Round 2: Marques starts early, landing a couple of punches, but leaves himself open for the takedown. Saadulaev explodes through Marques' defenses, taking Marques to his back. Saadulaev now in half guard, landing a few shots. Marques sweeps him to side control. Impressive. Marques works into a body triangle, now yanking on Saadulaev head, attempting to break Saadulaev's will. Marques can't make him tap, and starts pounding on Saadulaev. Marques now has full mount, and wow... Saadulaev flips over and takes top control. Marques begins to threaten from his back quickly, throws up his legs, then transitions to a leg lock. He lets go, tying up Saadulaev in an omoplata. scores the round 10-9 for Marques.

Round 3: Marques gets top control to start the round, working from half guard. He slides his leg through for full mount now after a minute passes. Saadulaev throws his leg up to defend, but Marques leans forward. Marques postures up and starts dropping bombs. Wow. Saadulaev. Unreal. Saadulaev bucks his legs up, flips forward out of mount and then threatens with a leg submission. Marques is in danger for a moment, then loses it. Saadulaev still has a hold of his leg, but Marques is out of the woods for now. Marques catches Saadulaev in a omoplata right at the end of the round, can't roll it over to flip Saadulaev. Round ends. scores the round 10-9 for Marques.

Rodolfo Marques def. Yusup Saadulaev via unanimous decision.

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