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Round 1 - Referee Josh Rosenthal in the cage to oversee this heavyweight contest.Touch of gloves to start. Browne misses with a huge overhand right then kicks the leg. Left hand low, Browne wings another big right. They clinch up, and Broughton avoids a knee as they move away. Browne returns to the low kick, and that looks like it may be there all night. Broughton in the center, but he has yet to really attack. Browne lands two punches and then asks why his opponent isn't returning fire. Both fighters work the body, and Browne returns to the leg. Broughton is moving forward, but he still is yet to truly attack. Browne misses a front kick. There's a right from Broughton that's just short. Hands traded in close quarters. Broughton now kicks the leg. He's still moving forward, but Browne lands another punch up top and another slashing kick to the leg. Right hand for Browne staggers Broughton, but a follow-up flying knee is short. Browne still looking for that big right. He ducks in for a single-leg and moves straight to mount. A few big elbows land, but Broughton ties it up until the bell. sees it for Browne, 10-9.

Round 2 - Broughton opens with a low kick and jabs. Browne misses a big right uppercut. Broughton does look like he wants to be a little more active this round. Browne starting to hang he jaw a bit, and drills the leg again. The big right continues to miss, but Browne keeps throwing it. Broughton catches a high kick but can't bring Browne to the floor. It's still a very methodic pace, and Broughton is moving forward but not landing. Browne scores four punches and drives in a few knees in an impressive flurry. Still, the durable Broughton covers up against the cage and survives. Halfway into the round. They break away, and Browne again finds success with the straight. Browne tries to bring the fight to the floor with a toss, but Broughton stays upright. Boos from the crowd.Brown's mouth wide open, but he's chopping at the legs. Overhand right lands for Browne, but Broughton doesn't budge. Final minute, and Brown pulls the single again, moving directly into mount. He plants his base and delivers a few punches. Broughton spins and turtles, and the round ends. It's another frame for Browne on the card, 10-9.

Round 3 - Broughton again looks like he wants to bang, but Browne hits him with a low kick. Browne has his mouth open and his hands low, but Broughton hasn't really threatened with anything just yet. Broughton does land a nice overhand right as he moves into the clinch. Browne looks like he wants to rest a bit to open. He shoots the single again, and Broughton tries desperately to grab a choke. He slips off, and Browne presses in from the top. Browne in half-mount, and he's trying to pass, but Broughton is tying up well underneath. Still, he's going to need to get up if he wants to win. Rosenthal watching closely, but Browne pulls his right leg through and keeps the action on the mat. Broughton rolls to his knees. Two minutes remain, and Browne tries to score with hammerfists. Broughton moves again, and Browne is now in mount. Clock ticking for Broughton. Browne doing just enough to keep the fight where he wants it. Broughton grabs an arm and scores a sweep, but Browne simply pushes him right back onto the floor. Less than a minute. Broughton rolls to the right, looking for a kimura. Browne feels it and slips free, and that should do it. Broughton climbs to his feet in the final seconds, but the fight ends in the clinch. It's a clean sweep for Browne, who takes the round 10-9 on the card, winning the fight 30-27. Travis Browne def. Rob Broughton via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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