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Round 1 - Referee Josh Rosenthal in the cage for tonight's main event with the UFC light heavyweight title on the line. Jones actually walks forward from a kneeling position and dives for a leg. Not there, so they move into the clinch. Jackson with his back against the cage, and the crowd is behind him. Early knee, and Jackson tells Rosenthal it as to the groin. No stop. The two circle on the cage. Jones sneaks in a left hand and continues to press in. Methodical open, and Jackson complains to Rosenthal again, though it's unclear what for this time. Two minutes in, they finally reset in the center. Jones paws a few kicks from the outside. They're in the clinch again, and Jones nearly scores a trip. Jackson moves forward with a big hook, but Jones backs away and lands a high kick. Jones kicks high then low. Left hand up the middle. Jackson unfazed thus far and continues to walk forward. Jones kicking the knee, and he pulls back on a leaping strike. Instead, he pushes into the clinch again. Jackson tries to slip an uppercut inside. Jones pulls away with a spinning elbow, but Jackson there to block. High kick blocked by Jackson, and je ducks under a kick. He punches hard at the end, but Jones just pulls away. Round ends to thunderous applause, and sees it for Jones, 10-9.

Round 2 - Crowd electric to open the second. Jackson forward quickly. Jones high kick glances off the head. Jackson pressuring now, and he comes up just short on a straight as they move into the clinch. Jones knees the body. Jackson ducks a spinning elbow, but Jones wraps the neck. He tries a takedown, but it's not there. Jackson now kicks the leg. Straight scores for Jones, and Jackson acknowledges the strike. Jackson with nice head movement as he stalks. Jones able to scamper away. Jones mixing in kicks, but Jackson blocking most. Jackson launches a lead left. Jones still working the low kicks. Jones now throwing the kicks a little more firm. Jackson now trying to time a counter over the top, but Jones is starting to wobble him with the blows. Spinning kick to Jackson's body. One minute remains. Jackson still blocking the kicks. Lead left does score for Jackson, but Jones fine. Jones fires off straight punches. One lands, but Jackson slips several others. Clinch in the final seconds, and Jones launches himself into a flying triangle. He doesn't have time to finish. sees it again for Jones, 10-9.

Round 3 - Jackson's corner implores him to press going into the third, and it nearly pays off with a big winging hook. Jackson licks the leg and leads with a few hooks. Jones still landing with shots to the leg and asa few straights. He dives in for the takedown and gets to side control. From there, it's a quick step over to mount. Jackson tries to buck underneath, but Jones walks him to the cage. Jones postures, but Jackson sits up and powers to his feet. Still, Jones is right there in the clinch. Jones releases and backs away, and he kicks to the body. Jackson walking forward, and Jones looks to measure him as he retreats. Jackson's right eye reddened from the blows. Jones pops him with a few more shots, and Jackson leaps forward in desperation. Jones scampers away, and Jackson is beginning to look very frustrated. Blood trickling down Jackson's face, and Jones leaps forward with a knee. He's extremely comfortable in there with less than minute left. Jones starting to wag his hands a little bit and roll his shoulders. Jackson retreats, but Jones refuses to get too close. Jones soots in at the bell, and gives Jackson a little lift after it sounds. Jackson didn't like, and neither did the crowd. Still takes another round, 10-9.

Round 4 - Jackson in the center of the cage at the bell. He presses, but Jones clips him. He fakes injury and retreats to the cage, but he doesn't capitalize on the champ's move in. Jones moves into the clinch, and he drags Jackson to the floor. Jackson seated against the cage, and Jones works in a few short forearm strikes. Jackson scrambles to his knees, and Jones locks in a rear-naked choke. Jones is firm on the back and squeezes the choke as he rolls. It's there, and Jackson is stuck. Game over. Jon Jones def. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson via submission (rear-naked choke) - Round 4, 1:14 (to retain light-heavyweight title)

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