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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Lol thats funny. Once i was at my best friends house and we threw a party and near like 4am we had some random kid we didnt know just walk in and fall asleep on the couch. At that time there was only like 4 of us left and a few girls. We were all shocked because when he walked in and fell asleep on the couch we were all in the backyard bullshitting. So when we went back in we were shocked like WTF who is this?? Anyone know this guy?? and none of us did. My best friends parents were coming in the morning to move the rest of the furniture (They were moving out which is why we threw the party, his parents were already sleeping in the new house) so we just wrote on his face and said "We dont know who this kid is, throw him out if you want" and to be sure they read it we also wrote on some paper and taped it to him with the same message.

Turns out some chicks came to party but then decided they wanted to go grab energy drinks before they come in. The guy was with them and decided he would just wait at the house for them. Obviously the girls never came back and seems just pawned him over to us.
..did you make him breakfast?

lol jk, sounds pretty awesome I gotta be honest I have no idea who I'd react to the situation.

Originally Posted by KryOnicle View Post
I once saw a guy, around the time the clubs were kicking everyone out, taking a dump in the middle of the road while a taxi beeped him to get out of the way. He then proceeded to fall back into his shit, get up, put his trousers back on and hit on the first girl he saw. It was incredible, the guy was absolutely vile bahaha.

Not on the same topic as the above alcohol fueled stories but it's a good one non the less.

Waiting for Wales vs Namibia to start, I have my dog whining at me for a walk, but if I walk him now I'll miss kick off LATE WALK FOR YOU HOUND!
Okay.. That guy had some serious dedication. If he had game to match the level of his determination he'd put us all to shame xD

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