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Mon: 30 min stepmill, 20 min. bike. I may go back for karate, not because I feel a great need to train sport karate but because I like the cardio and the women who are usually in the evening classes with me.

I'm very pleased I got my belt, because it shows I've worked hard and made progress; but in a martial art, just as in life, there's always a great deal of room for improvement. I spent all of last night, and all of today so far, in deep thought as a result.
Tue: 2.5 mile run, 20 min. bike. I did go back for karate on Monday and it was kind of lame, but I had one of my favorite ladies as a partner.
Wed: rested
Thur: There's supposed to be open mat judo at 6, but I don't know who's going to show up so I'm going to 5:30 kickboxing. Sometimes they train nogi on Thurs. evenings, but it seems to depend on the instructor's mood or on if anyone is getting ready for a fight. EDIT: Kickboxing was fun as shit.
Fri, Sat, Sun: rested. Trying to rest and treat a pulled hamstring.

This coming week, a gym is opening up that will train chiefly MT and BJJ. I don't know what their fees are yet. I would be training under Kru Mark Shaw (who trained under some guy called Ajarn Chai) and Josh Roth, who just got his purple belt from de la Riva.

I don't think I'll be able to belong to two gyms, unless I get more work, which is very likely. I may need to just become a judo member at my current gym, as I don't really want to give that up. However, I have wanted to train MT/BJJ concurrently for years. I have some more thinking to do, clearly.

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