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Who Should Fight Sakuraba?

Can someone tell me how they do matchmaking in DREAM, especially matchmaking for Sakuraba. Sakuraba is underdog for most of his fights, do people just want to see Sakuraba lose or what? Why do they always put him up against skilled fighters with no names?

Why did he fight a no name guy like Yan Cabral? Yan Cabral is a good fighter and is 9-0 prior to defeating Sakuraba, but still how come they put him up against Sakuraba on his DREAM debut, and Cabral hasn't fought in a major MMA league prior his DREAM debut? Sakuraba lost a few recent fights, but why did they put him up against a newcomer?

And why did Sakuraba get a title shot against Marius Zaromskis when Sakuraba lost his last 2 fights? Shouldn't they give the title shot to a guy who actually deserve it? There are many guys in Dream who deserve the title shot more than him.

And why did he fight Ralek Gracie? Ralek Gracie was 2-0 before defeating Sakuraba, why would they put another unknown guy against sakuraba? Well actually Gracie did win the fight, but still shouldn't Sakuraba be fighting a more well known guy?

And why did he fight Rubin Williams who hasn't had 1 single MMA fights and is basically a boxer with limited submission defense and get subbed by Sakuraba fast. I don't think Rubin deserve to earn a paycheck from a MMA fight.

And why did he fight Andrews Nakahara whos making his MMA debut. Basically Nakahara is a karata champion who's having his first MMA fight against Sakuraba and lost by submission. I also do not think he deserve a paycheck from a MMA fight.

And interestingly many fighters who's making their DREAM debut against Sakuraba never fight in DREAM again. It's like looking for a new guy to fight in DREAM event, put him up against Sakuraba, doesn't matter if he wins or not they never ask him to fight in DREAM again.

What is going on?

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