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Just thought I'd continue this discussion as I find it very interesting.

I am agnostic in the sense that I am unsure if there is an actual deity that is responsible for the creation of our universe and the operation of our cosmos and physics. From what I understand, there is no way to prove that a God, or Gods do or do not exist.

However, as most people on this forum know, I do not believe in God in a religous sentiment.

To me at least, if God is supposed to be all-knowing, then he must know the future. If God knows the future, then to me there seems to be no freedom of choice. If we don't really have that freedom of coice then, to me it seems wrong to condemn those of us who are "non-believers" to hell. If God is supposed to be all-loving and morally just, then why would he condemn the "non-believers" to suffer for all eternity in the afterlife, despite having no physical evidence that he or she even exists? To me, a "perfect God" wouldn't make such a contradiction.
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