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What was the best and Worst game you ever played?

Just as the title says...What was the Best Game you have ever played and what was the worst game you have ever played?

For me The Best Game I played was Fatal Frame 2: The Crimson Butterfly. Who would have thought that a game where the only weapon you have is a camera would be good. It was just one of those games that if you borrowed it from a friend you didn't want to return it. It was scary and dramatic game. I played threw it just to see where the story went and the finale didn't disappoint (depending on which mode you were on of course).

The worst game I have ever played is Dead to Rights (original XBOX)! This game just sucked the shit rings off my toilet. I will never understand the cult following this game has because it just sucks. Its kind of cool that they presented it in a noir fashion but the game play is ******* awful and the story just blew ass. Every two steps I take I keep getting jumped by assholes hiding behind every crevice of the city. Trying to complete this game felt like work then fun. Worst $6.00 I have ever spent.

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