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Originally Posted by Bonnar426 View Post
What is video game rage (VGR)? Well its when you get extremely pissed off from losing repeatedly and you take it out on the controller by throwing it on the floor. Then after you calm down you feel like a seven year old who throws a temper tantrum. I broke several controllers that way.

I'm not proud of it. I try to control it. But some times a run into the most frustrating things in a video game. For example, fighting Shao Khan in the new Mortal Kombat game. For those of you that played Mortal Kombat should understand that Shao Khan is a cheating whore. He consistently uses that ******* hammer which takes a lot of energy, he consistently uses the Kombat Rage (from MK vs. DC Universe) which makes it impossible to set up a decent Kombo and do any real damage, and your playing as Raiden (who is the most frustrating character to control). I had to put it on easy mode just to defeat the son of a bitch. Lets just say my XBOX controller makes a weird ratting noise now and the B button sticks sometimes.

So, anyone else suffer from VGR?
Let just say if it was a real disorder I would be one of the most serious cases of it. Certain games make me rage harder than others but UFC 2010 has to top the ******* list!

Runners up: MW2 and Black Ops, NHL GLITCH GOALS!, COD4 hackers, little kids on mics.

Seriously I could tell a million stories, its ****ed because outside of my xbox I am a super calm and patient person, but as soon as those turtle beaches and grab that controller... its a new person lol.

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