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Originally Posted by Allrightmrman View Post
Ok here i go. I am 19 and am overweight. I am 6'2" and weigh somewhere around 370ish. I dropped out of school 3 years ago due to bullying and soon after realized my mistake. so i got my GED, got a job, and am now going from there. I will be starting at a gym in a couple weeks and after some (alot, my goal is less than 250) weight loss i want to start some kickboxing classes or some other type of style (havent decided open to suggestions). i am looking for some diet info. I love to cook so prep int a prob, i have a juicer (dont know if it will help) and not alot of cash (so not the most expensive diet). The problem i am having is people are saying "eat good fats" but the problem is i dont know what those are, so detailed info is appreciated. also meal times etc. I am strong willed and have a family behind me i just need the knowledge. Thanks for your time.
Hey buddy,

Bullying is a bitch, don't let those assholes ruin your life. I am proud for you that your taking the right steps in life to be a better person, because being overweight is better then being a prick, remember that!

Now to help you be neither overweight nor a prick. Lets start with exercise. You know what the good thing about being 370 lbs is? The weight comes off EASY at first!

Lets start with diet. To lose weight you need to consume less calories then your caloric maintenance limit.

I hope you don't mind but I took the liberty of going ahead and finding out what your limit is based on the information you provided.

So according to this chart, if you eat 4046 calories a day you will STAY at 370. Now if you consume MORE then 4046 you will gain and if you eat less, you will lose weight. According to the chart, 2960 is extreme weight loss. Now, you will probably want to eat 2960 AND exercise but that is really unhealthy. Your body NEEDS to burn those calories and if your not getting enough your going to severely damage your body.

I suggest you eat the 3237 and exercise 5 days a week. Now you may think of that to be pretty haunting but I don't mean going crazy for 5 days a week, just do something, really anything. I suggest going for walks for 1 hour a day and MAKE SURE you don't go everyday. Over training will also harm your body, give it the rest it needs!

Trust me when I say literally any exercise helps, if you have a set of say 10-15 lbs dumbbells then you can pick them up between commercial breaks between TV shows and lift until the show comes back on.

Now onto diet, I know enough about diet but diet is NOT an expertise of mine. I will even do a bit of research while typing this to help you out. You need good fats in your diet, I know you said your unsure about healthy fats so I will help you out and give you this very helpful link

Read it if you care about learning, which I hope you do! If you scroll down it even shows you healthy options to substitute for bad fats.

Now he is how you should eat. First things first you NEED to eat IMMEDIATELY after you wake up. Your body goes the whole night without eating, you need to kick start your metabolism right away.

Now lets continue talking about metabolism, you NEED to have a good metabolism, but don't worry, that comes over time with eating properly. You NEED to eat about 5 times a day. I know your budget isn't massive but it doesn't need to be!

An example of a good day of eating for me would be:

Wake up
-Eat oatmeal with a fruit on the side (preferably a banana)
-Drink a LARGE glass of water.

When I start feeling like I need to eat
-Have a small tuna wrap
-Large glass of water

-BONELESS SKINLESS chicken breast (the SKINLESS part is extremely important)
-Side of WHOLE WHEAT rice (ill get into complex carbs after)
-Side of mixed vegetables (this is cheap and SUPER convienient, you can get big bags of frozen vegetables at a good price)

Night snack
-My own special salad (lettuce, hot sauce, greek and feta dressing)

Its really that easy, if your dedicated and like cooking like you say you do then the DINNER slot should be easy, the other slots should be simple, you can prepare for the whole week in one day. Make a few cans of tuna and take when needed, for example.

What are the main things you notice from my meal plan?

1)There is no TIME!!!! Your body doesn't know what time it is! All it knows is when you wake up, sleep and when your hungry.

2)There is ONLY WATER, water is so underrated in losing weight. Water can be used as a filler, it also purify's your organs and re-hydrates your body which is ESSENTIAL for weight loss. Also, as you may know has 0 calories so you can drink it all day long (and you should) just don't drink TOO much.

Lets move onto complex carbs. Your body needs carbs, but there is a difference between complex carbs and carbs that sit in your body and add fat. COMPLEX carbs are food such as whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat rice. If I could make a suggestion... don't eat bread at all, but if you do, make sure it is whole wheat.

DO NOT eat, white bread, white pasta, white rice... you get the trend here? Whole wheat is good!

Stop eating eggs too if you do. The whites are amazing for you and provide a great source of Omega 3 which you need, but the rest of cholesterol which is bad for your arteries and heart.

What am I missing? Diets are so simple yet very complex. I am here to answer ANYTHING so please go ahead and ask... actually I may be offended if you don't since I sat here forever typing this!

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