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Originally Posted by Allrightmrman View Post
thank you for your very well thought out and descriptive answer. couple questions, the tuna wrap consists of what? and hot sauce on a salad, interesting any kind of hot sauce (ie franks red hot)and at the gym should i focus on cardio? what about peanuts and stuff like that? what about seasoning the chicken just salt and pepper or can i mess around with it? and what fish and pork and stuff like that stay away? I know alot of questions but i like to be sure before i dive in.
Not a problem, I don't mind helping if it is VALUABLE to you and you won't waste my time. I trust that you won't!

Tuna Wrap is just a whole wheat wrap, lettuce, hot sauce, a bit of the Greek and feta dressing and that's it.

Any of those are substitutable, but the Tuna is a must

I put hot sauce on anything that I can, why? Because hot sauce offers extremely little calories (like 4-5 calories per serving...) and it adds a lot of flavor which replaces the need to use high fat dressings.

Peanuts are good but if I am correct almonds are the best. (not chocolate covered almonds, although I WISH!)

If you ever need a snack between meals, grab a handful of almonds and it works awesome!

Try to stay away from salt as much as possible. It makes your body hold water, which leads to you not losing weight. That's what sodium does to you. However, I am not saying don't cook with salt, just don't use AS MUCH.

Stay away from:

-Anything fried or deep fried

Did I get STAY AWAY FROM FAST FOOD? That shit will ruin you. You will feel so much better about yourself just from the food you eat, you can feel it. It feels great!

Now I am not an expert in fish, but I will say don't eat too much of it. Too much Omega 3 is no good. I don't eat fish at all but I get my Omega 3.

I can't believe I didn't mention this already but you need to drink protein. It assists in muscle growth but most importantly your body NEEDS protein to lose weight, plain and simple.

Get some protein and drink a shake a day.

When your in the gym you should lift and do cardio. Now I know it seems like a lot but weight lifting is CRUCIAL for weight loss and people seem to over look that. Here is how I suggest your day should look:

Day 1:
(Chest day)

Pec flys - 3 sets - 12 reps
Machine Fly's (Pec Deck) - 3 sets - 12 reps
**ONLY IF YOU HAVE A SPOTTER** then do bench press
Bench Press - 3 sets - 12 reps

After this your chest will be nice a worked out, then depending on how you feel, go get your cardio in. 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, it doesn't matter. I wouldn't suggest pushing over 30 minutes though to start, especially after weight training.

Here is a tip to you that not many people know: the MORE muscles you have, the more calories you burn preforming everyday activities. So don't push weight lifting aside.

As for HOW MUCH weight to lift. Do a comfortable weight, you want something that you can do 12 reps of, so lets say you can do 6 reps of 30 lbs, then maybe use 20 lbs and get in your 12 reps. Low reps is for muscle strength, high reps helps muscle endurance.

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