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Just got into it with some boxing nut job on another forum. This is what he wrote:


I am having my morning tea. I will let you know in a bit why I indulged you.

MMA fighters are mostly out of shape slobs, who could not make it in boxing, football, basketball or some of the other sports that requires bona fide talent/athleticism.

Do not assume that I have not ever watched MMA. That is simply false. Sometimes I like to humour myself. All I see when I watch is obese 'athletes' losing breath after literally 2 minutes of hugging. Who wants to watch some less than explosive slugs who have no concept of distance and footwork (their boxing is nothing short of atrocious) man-handle each other? I am not into pornography one way or the other.

MMA for your information, is not the fastest growing sport in the world. There is no statistical data to back up that ridiculous claim - it is all propaganda spewed forth by Dana White and the UFC office. You claim it is, because he said it first. Where is the proof? There is none.

People in Britain do not care for this garbage. Boxing is still king and will remain king. The same goes for the rest of Europe.

The closest person to an athlete MMA can claim is Anderson Silva. Beyond that it is all mainly fat guys and angry rednecks.

I am always in a better mood when I have my tea. Shortly after I read your post I came to the realisation that you are one level short of swine excrement.
This guy is a real piece of work eh?

RIP Jordan Corder. Watch over me from above brother.
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