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Wellsince no-one replied i'm guessing nobody really knows much about it.

Well, i tried it anyway

I encorperated 2-3 litres of milk (varying full fat / half fat / low fat purely on what i felt like) per day into my diet. I still eat my breakfast as normal, drink a litre or so of milk throughuot the morning, then lunch as usual, more milk throughout the afternoon and also a mass gain shake with milk. Dinner as usual, and protein shake with water before bed.

In 2 weeks i've gained 6lbs in body weight, dropped 1% bodyfat (down to 9%), and gained 10lbs of muscle. Pretty impressive.

I use an ironman scale which analysis allsorts of stuff, from bodyfat, to hydration levels, to muscle mass, and more. So my progress is logged and i try to keep my hydration levels between 60% - 65% to try and keep variables to a minimum.

Not sure if the lean gains are due to the milk, the mass gainer, the tribulus (testosterone booster which comes in capsule form) or a combination of the 3.

So anyone who is wanting to gain muscle relatively quickly, with minimal fat gain, i can say that so far drinking a minimum of 2litres of milk each day has been a success for me.
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