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Originally Posted by Allrightmrman View Post
Ok here i go. I am 19 and am overweight. I am 6'2" and weigh somewhere around 370ish. I dropped out of school 3 years ago due to bullying and soon after realized my mistake. so i got my GED, got a job, and am now going from there. I will be starting at a gym in a couple weeks and after some (alot, my goal is less than 250) weight loss i want to start some kickboxing classes or some other type of style (havent decided open to suggestions). i am looking for some diet info. I love to cook so prep int a prob, i have a juicer (dont know if it will help) and not alot of cash (so not the most expensive diet). The problem i am having is people are saying "eat good fats" but the problem is i dont know what those are, so detailed info is appreciated. also meal times etc. I am strong willed and have a family behind me i just need the knowledge. Thanks for your time.
I prolly sound like a broken record to some on here, but theres a great diet in the book "4 hour body" - I followed it and got great results. And one of the best things about the book is reading it actually motivates you to do it! The author spells things out so simply.

Intermissions post is real helpful, you should listen to him also
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