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So...what if you where just born in an Atheist household and just never believed in God? That's where I'm coming from. I don't know anything about the history of Atheism I just remember having friends believing in God and asking my mom "what God is and her saying something along the lines of like, oh those people are just part of a religion. They believe a guy exists who made the world. We don't believe that though."

I believed in God for a litlte bit cause my best friend did but later on without going to Church and without really practicing at home, it became like Santa Clause. Just didn't feel right to believe.

My position is less though of an unbelief in God and more of a we don't know everylthing so let's not make up stuff to help us figure it out kind of a position. That's how my mom is.

So are you saying I should not call myself an Athiest till I give Christianity or Theism a shot? I do notice that most Athiests are Christians who are rebelling against their parents. And they tend to have a more "Dark" and "life is meaningless" type of attitude with their Athiesm than I do. I'm more a happy go lucky athiest. lol
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