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Originally Posted by KryOnicle View Post
Bit smaller than mine, and mines on the large side of medium, or small large.

Mine never fights back, just runs away when a dog goes for him. Normally he's so fast he gets away quite easily, but his guard was 100% down as he was getting HIS ball back so obviously didn't see her as a threat and wasn't expecting that reaction, and neither was I tbh. Not a single drop of blood spilled, it's like a huge blood blister wound.

Sucks when this happens but when there are 30+ dogs in the dog park during nice weather days in the morning, it's bound to happen now and again, just sucks that my boy was the one that got it :/ Will have a word with the guy when I next see him, if my dog ever injured another dog like that I'd want to know asap so I could work on it sooner rather than later. He's a nice guy as well so not going to make a big deal of it, dogs will be dogs eh.

Really glad my hound never retaliates though, could of turned really nasty if he was like that.

Your dog sounds like a puss.

Lol im just kidding. You would have to be a real douche to say that as a serious post lol.

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